A full half terms’ notice must be given in writing of the intention to stop any classes, or the equivalent fee will be payable. This is agreed when you join our SSPA family on our registration form.

Fees are due in at the start of each term and must be paid with in 2 weeks of date of invoice. Non-payment by then will mean any discount will be lost. After the 4th week the student is unable to attend further lessons until the money is paid.

Any pupil not able to attend lessons should notify Aimee by email or text message.

BULLYING will not be tolerated. 

SSPA reserves the right to exclude pupils who are consistently disruptive or badly behaved.

When a child is due to change class due to their age this is also done by the discretion of the principal. For example ability and behaviour will also help with the decision.

Please note that it may be necessary at times for teachers to place their hands on pupils to physically place them into the correct position or movement. I and any teacher I may employ are fully qualified and hold current DBS certificates.

If any teachers are sick then a replacement teacher may be used. If no cover teacher can be found then SSPA may cancel the classes and add another lesson to the end of the term. If this cannot be done then SSPA will deduct this lesson from the future terms fees.

Photos and video footage may be taken of your child for publicity purposes. However this will not be done without signed permission on the registration form on enrolment. 

SSPA cannot accept responsibility for the loss or damage to any articles left on the premises.

Children may wait in the waiting room before and after class. Please note that all children 5 and under will require a parent to wait in the waiting room for the duration of their lesson unless they let Aimee know that they will be leaving them. In this case the children will wait in the studio until the parent comes to collect them.

SSPA reserves the right to alter the rules and conditions of the school.