You can also read these terms and conditions in our Parent/Dancer Handbook. DOWNLOAD HERE!

Students are required to conduct themselves in an orderly manner and parents are required to supervise where appropriate. 
Bullying will not be tolerated. 
Correct uniform should be worn to all classes. The teacher reserves the right to stop a student from participating if correct hair and uniform is not present for 2 weeks. For safety those without correct uniform and hair for Acrobatic Arts and Aerial will not be able to participate in the lesson. No refunds will be given in such cases. 
SSPA reserves the right to exclude pupils from class who are consistently disruptive or badly behaved.
Parents should where possible contact the school via email.
If parents have any issues they wish to raise they should do this via email.
Everyone must adhere to the studio and waiting room rules.
Parents are invoiced termly in advance of the start of term and all fees are payable, in full, within the first two weeks from date of invoice. Failure to comply by this date will mean any discounts are lost. If fees are not received by the 4th week then your child/children will not be able to attend until payment is made and a daily late fee of £10 will occur.
If your child/children wish to stop or change any classes, you must provide half a terms’ notice in writing - or via email - or the existing class fee will be invoiced. This is agreed when you join our SSPA family on our registration form.
If a student is not able to attend lessons, parents should notify the school via email. Any missed classes will not be refunded. All term dates are on the website, as well as in the dates for your diary letter which is emailed and on the parent information page on the website. 
When a child is due to change class due to their age this is done so at the discretion of the principal. For example ability and behaviour will also be taken into consideration.
As dance is a physical sport it may be necessary at times for teachers to place students into the correct position or movement. All teachers are qualified and hold current DBS certificates.

Photos and video footage may be taken of your child for publicity purposes. However this will not be done without signed permission on the registration form on enrolment. Consent can be amended at any time, by confirming your decision in writing. 
If any teachers are sick then a replacement teacher may be used. If no cover teacher can be found then SSPA may cancel the classes and add another lesson to the end of the term. If this cannot be done then SSPA will deduct this lesson from the future terms fees.
SSPA cannot accept responsibility for the loss or damage to any articles left on the premises. We do however have a lost property box which is then disposed of at the end of each term if items are not claimed.
SSPA is not responsible for the welfare of the students outside of the dance studio. It is recommended that a parent or guardian collects the student from the waiting room at the end of class. Once a child leaves the studio they are the responsibility of the parent.
Children may wait in the waiting room before and after class. Please note that all children 5 and under will require a parent to wait in the waiting room for the duration of their lesson. 
It is the responsibility of the parent to make sure SSPA has correct contact details and medical records of each student. This includes any allergies - especially to plasters and ice packs as these items may be used when necessary during class. 
Parents are not allowed in the studio during classes unless it is a designated watching week. 

SSPA reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions of the school.